For over 25-years, Midnight Rodeo has provided the best in name entertainment and fun.
If you like to let loose and have a good time, then Midnight Rodeo is your kind of place. Today's music variety is being cranked out through our state of the art sound and light system by the legendary Tommy T.

Get a birds eye view of our line dancers on the massive dance floor with our rotating bar that is a one of a kind.

Big name entertainment is what we are famous for...hitch your wagon to Midnight Rodeo and let us take you to the good times.

Lessons & Things

  • 1

    Our professional dancers teach you how to dance every Thursday and Friday night.
    Lessons begin at 8:00PM sharp and they're absolutely free. Come early and learn to boogie.

  • 2

    Our club is normally open to everyone, 18-yrs and up.
    Sometimes we limit attendance to different ages and genders based on the content of the shows. Keep in touch with us so you'll know in advance.

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    We have one of the best pool halls in the Ozarks.
    If you love to shoot pool, come out to the Rodeo. Not only do we have the best tables in town, you can't beat the view.

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    Dress Code is Strongly En-Forced
    -NO Tank Tops, Undershirts or Sleeveless Shirts (Men Only)
    -NO Excessively Baggy Clothing (Jerseys, Jeans or Pants)
    -NO Large Purses, Bags or Backpacks
    -NO Weapons of any kind (Knives, Spurs, Guns, etc)
    Management Reserves the right to deem club attire unsuitable.

Quotes from the Best

The best little Honkytonk in the Show Me State.

Eric Church

Good to see a little bit of the Texas spirit is alive in the good people of Springfield, MO.

Justin Moore

Nice place to see great people. Hope to be back someday...

Keith Urban